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UNESCO Logo Welcome to Kromeriz. This garden city is located in Southeast of the Czech Republic in the richest region called Haná.
Kromeriz with its preserved historic chateau and gardens it was only inevitable that Kroměříž entered Unesco in 1994. This hidden jewel can offer much to all visitors.
Let's start with a bit of geographical data. As we said before Kromeriz is located in a region called Haná. This region has been for centuries one of the richest in all the Czech Republic. Very mild climate, fertile soil , flatlands it all lead to its use in agriculture. In order to get to the city you have to cross the river Morava - second biggest in CR. In the recent time both banks have undergone restoration back to its natural state. Kromeriz on its own remained basically untouched. There are about 30,000 people living in there.
Getting to Kromeriz is quite simple. In case you are coming from Prague take the highway D1 to Brno and follow on to Vyškov and then Krommeriz. It is approximately 3 hour drive. When entering off Brno the first thing you notice is the chateau tower. Follow the main road to the city centre. The main square has a old town charm. Arcades around, fountain in the centre and chateau in the garden - it is simply marvelous. In the summer have a coffee in one of the restaurants surrounding the square and enjoy the hassle and bustle around. And maybe then take a look at one of those gardens. The nearest one from the square is chateau garden - just few steps off. In a hot summer day this English style garden provides shade of many trees and refreshement sitting by pond. If you prefer a garden more decorative try the Flower Garden. About 10 minute walk from the city centre it offers fairly different atmosphere. Beautiful flower beds, labyrinths and romantic hideaways. For the historic lovers there are three churches to visit, chateau and museum conveniently located in the city centre. And after such a hard day who wouldn't enjoy good dinner? Stop at any restaurant and enjoy good meal and cold glass of beer sitting at the restaurant porch.


Altitude 214 meters (705 feet) above the sea level. Latitude 49° 17' 60N. Longitude 17° 23' 60E.

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