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Cold winters, warm summers; springs and summers are the wettest seasons, yet with somewhat more sunny days than in Western Europe.

Average temperatures:
Jan: 24-34 Fahrenheit / -5 to 1 Celsius
Feb: 24-37 F / -5 to 3 C
Mar: 30-47 F / -1 to 8 C
Apr: 39-59 F / 4-15 C
May: 47-68 F / 9-20 C
Jun: 53-74 F / 12-23 C
Jul: 57-77 F / 14-25 C
Aug: 55-76 F / 13-25 C
Sep: 49-70 F / 9-21 C
Oct: 40-58 F / 4-14 C
Nov: 35-45 F / 2-7 C
Dec: 30-38 F / -1 to 3 C

The weather is best May-September, when days are warm and the nights are cool (take a sweater). Spring is preferable to summer for avoiding crowds, but summer is preferable to spring for avoiding rain (take along an umbrella). October, usually a little chilly and wet, is an excellent time to go if you're primarily interested in museums, inside activities or just driving around. Winters are very cold, damp, snowy, often foggy and (because of the country's reliance on coal for heat) polluted.

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Current temperature in Kromeriz Current temperature in Kromeriz

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